New church comes to Carrboro

The worship team at Doxa Church, a new church launched on Jan. 31 in Carrboro, ends its first service in song. More than 50 people attended the inaugural service.

There’s a noticeable shortage of churches in Carrboro.

Jason and Shaina Victory, of Mebane saw this and launched Doxa Church, a new mobile church that meets in Carrboro High School.

After more than a year of planning to launch a new place of worship and with the support of their home church, Crosslink Community Church in Mebane, the couple held the first service on Sunday, Jan. 31.

“It’s exciting to see to it come to fruition,” Jason said. “It’s been a lot of work.”

 Putting down roots

For the past two years, Jason was part of the church-planting residency program at Crosslink Community Church. Crosslink was founded “with the desire to be a reproducing Church, a Church that believes in multiplication,” according to the Doxa website. Eight years after Crosslink was planted, Doxa is one of the results of that desire.

Doxa is Greek for glory and means to live in such a way that God is seen.

Jason, now the teaching pastor at Doxa Church, had previous experience establishing churches in different corners of the world, including Uganda, and was looking to establish a church in a major metropolitan area. Carrboro is the opposite of a major city, yet it was the city where Jason felt led to plant a new church.

“God placed a burden on my heart,” he said about his desire to plant a new church. “Even though I was looking at metro cities, Carrboro kept sticking in my mind.”

There are only about five or six churches in Carrboro, he added. But there’s something about the town —the close-knit community, the diversity, the open-mindedness and the creativity — that intrigued Jason. In the same vein, Doxa teaches its faith in ways that contrast with the traditional church.

“We’re both unique and we aren’t different for the sake of being different. Doxa and the city of Carrboro both hold a view of community as most integral, so it was a perfect match,” Jason said. “Also, I just really love the Tar Heels.”

Shaina Victory, Jason’s wife and UNC-Chapel Hill alumna who used to live in Carrboro, said that they were also looking for a college-town environment.

“It’s in college that building your faith is so critical,” Shaina said. “Carrboro is so close to Chapel Hill, but it is also a difficult place to encourage people to come to Christ. In college and Carrboro, people live in dependence on one another, but often without Christ.”

The Victory family has a vision of creating a church where people “do life” together. But they face a bit of a challenge in creating a faith community where people already have a fortified understanding community.

Garnering Support

In order to spread the word, the Doxa Church sent more than 30,000 fliers to homes in Carrboro. They spoke with campus ministries at nearby UNC-CH. They also came from Crosslink with more than 40 supporters.

Carrboro High School also allowed them to use their auditorium.

With everything finally in order, they were prepared to launch Sunday, Jan. 24. But the snowstorm threw a wrench in their plans: Doxa decided to close the church on their original launch date and pushed the opening back to Jan. 31.

“It was frustrating at first because it was a little bit of a setback,” Jason said. “But one of the things I live by is doing things well.We want to do things well here at Doxa. So the snow actually gave us more time to prepare.”

The snow closure gave Doxa another week to practice for the first service and to reach out to more people.

Doxa Launched

Leading up until Sunday, Jason was feeling a bit anxious. In addition to the nerves that are associated with launching a new church, the snow caused some concern about the turnout.

But on Sunday, Carrboro High School’s auditorium transformed into a place of worship. There were more than 50 people in the audience: young and old, families, college students alike.

Jason and Shaina were thrilled with the turnout.

Sasha Vanegas, a senior at UNC-CH who has attended numerous churches in the past three years, said the Doxa Church provided a good experience.

“I wasn’t expecting to find a church like Doxa in Carrboro,” she said. “But it was a great environment, a great sermon, and the people were also so genuine people.”

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Author of the article

Janell is a senior journalism and global studies at UNC-CH serving as editor of the Carrboro Commons