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  1. susan hardman
    susan hardman at |

    I would be interested in following this community. I am interested in the pricing of your prosed units and if any
    would be considered affordable as opposed to Market Rate. Susan and Bob Hardman

  2. janice monks
    janice monks at |

    Please add me to your email list-I have been interested in cohousing communities since they first came on the scene and now looking to my retirement future with North Carolina my first choice and to be near a university setting. I am well versed in community based senior service development and would be able to offer my experience w/assisting to set up systems or processess in assisting to keep all neighbors living independently.

  3. Guillermo/Naomi Perich
    Guillermo/Naomi Perich at |

    Learned about Cohousing on AARP Bulletin (April). Really interested>
    Prices and other details.
    Thank you.

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