Art project calls on locals for exhibition

By Catherine Rierson
Carrboro Commons Staff Writer

In Carrboro, a town teeming with creative folks, the Arts Committee is offering another opportunity to showcase local art, but it’s no highbrow art exhibition—it’s a show open to all.

Jay Bryan, Carrboro’s Poet Laureate, will read one of his poems during the Community Art Project’s opening reception on May 14. (Staff photo by Catherine Rierson)

The first annual Carrboro Community Art Project will display Carrboro-themed art work created by anyone connected to the town beginning May 14, following closely behind Carrboro Day on May 1 and coinciding with the 101st 2ndFriday Artwalk.

“It’ll be like a month-long celebration of Carrboro and Carrboro arts,” said Chris Beachem, a member of the town’s Arts Committee.

The art work will be on display in the Carrboro Century Center and the Carrboro Town Hall beginning on the project’s opening day until the end of June.

Beachem said the Community Art Project, coupled with other similar events, will allow artists more opportunities to exhibit their work and share it with the town, stimulating a dynamic relationship between the community and the arts.

“Art should really play a part in the community, so we’re constantly trying to better integrate it in the Carrboro community,” Beachem said.

The town is hosting a party of sorts for the opening reception, too.  There’ll be a band playing at Town Hall, and Carrboro’s newly-elected Poet Laureate, Jay Bryan, is scheduled to read one of his poems.  Bryan has teamed up with the Arts Committee to expand the role of poetry and literature in the community.

Bryan said they’re finding a way to market and distribute poetry so as to provide exposure for those residents—like children, the elderly and minorities—who may not typically see much poetry.  Ideas include posting a poem in every bus—“public transportation poetry”—or in a smattering of other common spots, like coffee shops and churches, making the art of verse accessible to anyone.

Making the arts more readily available is the Community Art Project’s objective, too.  There’s no judging, and anyone can participate as long as their piece meets the requirements listed on the project’s Web site,

Work must be submitted in advance, on April 24, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Century Center at 100 N. Greensboro St.  Participants can price and sell their pieces, but those exchanges are between the buyer and seller. Otherwise, Beachem is encouraging artists to donate any earnings to local charities.

Listen to Carrboro’s Poet Laureate, Jay Brian, read his poetry at the first Carrboro Poetry festival.

Find more information and view the application.

Read Town Arts Committee member Chris Beachem’s art blog to see what else is happening in town.

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