Cabernet for a cause: Weaver Street wine show

By Justice Warren

Carrboro Commons Staff Writer

Blanket space was at a premium on the lawn outside of Weaver Street Market on Saturday, April 3. The wine, however, was not.

The Jeff Brown Quartet (center) plays while onlookers sit and enjoy the wine. Spots on the lawn were hard to come by in the four hours the band was playing. (Staff photo by Justice Warren)

Shopping carts full of empty wine bottles accumulated outside as Weaver Street Market held its 6th annual Wine Show from 1 to 5 p.m.

“Our wine shows are always a lot of fun,” said Jason Baker, the events coordinator for the market.  “We typically have more than 400 people show.  It gets really packed out here.”

For $5, customers had the opportunity to participate in the wine tasting and then buy the wines on sale.  The market set up 37 different types of wine at  tables underneath a tent on the market’s lawn.

Each ticket earned $2 for the market’s Cooperative Community Fund.  Owners of the market use the fund to award grants to local groups addressing sustainable foods, environmental issues and social activism.

Baker said that the wine show was one of the biggest contributors to the fund, which now has more than $40,000 to allocate to charities.  The Carrboro wine show this year raised more than $1,200 for the fund.

Evelyn and King Brown of Fearrington Village said they were unaware of the fund, but they have come to the show since its inception because of the fun and the atmosphere.

“I think it’s just the ability to taste a wide variety of wine with a lot of people at a price that’s non-existent,” King Brown said.  “The ability to purchase the wines you do like for very cheap is pretty good too.”

The event attracted members of the Triangle Wine Enthusiasts, a group from Raleigh that meets for wine tastings and parties.  Members of the TWE were quick to point out their favorite wines from the show.

“I really like the red zinfandel,” said Jodi Bone of Cary.  “But the sparkling wines are good too.”

Ellen Krikstone of Raleigh said she enjoys collecting wine bottles, and that the show gave her a chance to sample from a variety of new wines.

“I thought my favorite wine was the cabernet, but now I’m still experimenting,” she said.

The Jeff Brown Quartet, the local band featured at the event, played easy listening jazz music during the afternoon. Pianist David Shore said he enjoys playing at local events such as the wine show because of the atmosphere and the laid-back nature.

Peg Todloski, specialty merchandiser for the market, said that the popularity of the event has made the wine show weekends some of the most profitable for the store, second only to Thanksgiving season.

The show was not only good for the customers and the store, but also for the local wine distributors.  Will Holloway, a resident of Bim Street in Carrboro, said that distributors and wineries profit from the wine shows.

“For the three stores during this month, I’ll easily sell around 80 cases,” said Holloway, who has worked as a wine distributor in Carrboro for 12 years.

Weaver Street Market in Southern Village also held a wine show on Saturday, April 10.  The event raised $640 for the Cooperative Community Fund.  Weaver Street Market will hold its next wine show at its Hillsborough location on Saturday, April 17.

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