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Carrboro High School suits up for first season

By Meghan Cooke Staff Writer Carrboro High’s fields are empty now, but the athletics department faces a busy off-season. The school board has approved three coaches so far. Commons Photos by Meghan Cooke In a few months, athletes will don purple, black and white jerseys and take the field for the first time at Carrboro High School. But in the… Read more →

12th Carrboro Day full of food, fun and frivolity

Click here for a printable PDF map of Carrboro Day festivities. Graphic by Graham Russell By Graham Russell Deputy Design Editor Carrboro is a town rich in tradition, and the first Sunday in May is no exception. For the 12th year in a row, residents will gather at the Commons on West Main Street for Carrboro Day, a day of… Read more →

Violence hits home

Violence hits home

By Robert Matteson Co-Editor America was beginning to lose its innocence at the same time as my generation lost its own. I remember playing with toy soldiers the day that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed in Oklahoma City. Four years later, I remember my teacher crying as she walked into class, undoubtedly looking for the words to… Read more →

Festival celebrates motherhood

By Sara Gregory Staff writer Earth Day celebrants usually invoke the image of nature and Mother Earth. At Saturday’s annual Rock the Baby family festival, though, the emphasis was on the bounty of mothers’ milk. “We’re here to celebrate the greatness, the coolness, just all that is wonderful about breast-feeding,” said Pam Freedman, an event organizer. “There’s nothing more green… Read more →

Morris, Only Female Firefighter in Carrboro

By Elsa Hasenzahl Staff Writer “This shift is really good about camaraderie. It’s nice having that group right there. and it really is like a family,” said Morris. Shift B fire fighters, left to right, Josh Hughes, Brian Sykes, Larry Mann, and Stephanie Morris. Commons Photo by Elsa Hasenzahl Even though women have made strides in the fight for gender… Read more →

Sparrow and Sons clogged with business

By Kristen Pope Staff Writer Anyone driving down Weaver Street easily could miss Sparrow and Sons Plumbing. With just a small white sign in front of a historic yellow house, only the trucks with the company’s name and logo in the back give away the fact that there is a thriving business operating out of the old mill home. But… Read more →

Basement craftsman makes guitars

By Jordan Lawrence Staff Writer Wes Lambe restores an antique guitar from the mid-1800s in his basement workshop. Lambe builds and repairs guitars for The Music Loft. Commons Photo by Jordan Lawrence While many people use their basements as recreation rooms or areas to store their aged possessions, Wes Lambe chooses to use his in a different fashion. He builds… Read more →


By Jock Lauterer Earth Day number one, I remember like it was yesterday. 1970. As a young upstart editor at a start-up weekly in rural western North Carolina, I was called the “hippie editor” by some locals. But that’s OK. There was this “hippie teacher” at the local high school, too, a gifted young visionary who, when he heard about… Read more →

Locals celebrate Earth Day at Farm Tour

By Kristen Pope Staff Writer Bron Skinner holds 2-year-old Ellie Sawin as she yells, “wake up pig” while touring Chapel Hill Creamery during the Piedmont Farm Tour Sunday. Commons Photos by Justin Smith Warm weather and sunshine made for the perfect Earth Day weekend, and many Carrboro and Chapel Hill residents celebrated by spending a day out on the farm…. Read more →

Carrboro isn’t commerical; it’s community

By Liz Thomas Co-editor Joining the staff of the Commons in January, all I knew about Carrboro was that it was a town of hippies. But of all the times I passed through, I had never seen any barefooted flower-power children that matched my pre-conceived notion of a hippie. I was aware of Carrboro’s love for organic, locally grown vegetables,… Read more →